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Our coaches' need to excel is only
surpassed by their desire to help
others develop physically and
mentally.  Motivators by nature that
embrace the challenge of bringing
out the best in others.

Fusing science of the body with a
common sense approach to exercise,
yields extraordinary results. 

Let SHIDO help you step beyond
what you thought was possible!
Our Kids Kickboxing Classes are focused on developing the character of our students; our instructors teach all our Junior Kickboxers the
attributes of a warrior through our training program. These attributes are:
· Courtesy
· Loyalty
· Respect
· Proper Attitude
· Perseverance
· Honour
· Self-Control
· Integrity
· Courage
· Honesty
· Compassion
· Dedication
We teach them how to stand up for themselves and also how to be the embodiment of all of the above mentioned attributes. During the
duration of our class cycles we cover the following segments.

· Fitness in the form of Kickboxing techniques and drills
· Agility, Balance and Coordination Development
· Point Fighting and Continuous Kickboxing Sparring and Techniques
· Stretching to improve flexibility and posture
· Games at the end of the class to develop certain athletic attributes

When our Junior Kickboxers perform well during class or do something outstanding, for example, let’s say we are covering the concept of
having respect for others, and a student demonstrates that with his/her actions, the instructors will reward that student for being a good
example to others. We work with a reward system that enables the student to receive rewards if they perform well on a consistent basis.

The results we have had with our Junior Kickboxers are very positive to say the least, we have had countless students who have had
problems with being bullied at school, or had problems with managing their anger or other emotions, these problems soon disappeared
after they have joined the SHIDO family due to the confidence and other attributes and skills they learn from our instructors.

Our Junior Kickboxers also compete in tournaments; this gives them a platform to develop mentally and physically.  Again, competing in
tournaments are optional. For more information regarding competition, the belt ranking system and the style of Kickboxing, visit our
Kickboxing page.

With every lesson they will become more capable of defending themselves and will benefit in many other ways including the following:

•  Increased self-confidence & self-esteem
•  Increased patience
•  The ability to set,work for and achieve goals
•  The instilling of physical fitness training habits that last a lifetime
•  Increased strength, agility, co-ordination, speed and balance
•  The ability to follow their own path and deal with peer pressure; to be a leader and not a follower
•  Real self-defense skills that will allow them to stay safe
•  The confidence and skills to deal with bullies

When it comes to our curriculum for children, safety is always our highest priority.
All of our classes are run in a safe training environment and are designed to be extremely fun and exciting from
start to finish.
KIDS Kickboxing