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With every lesson they will become more capable of defending themselves and will benefit in many other ways including the following:
•  Increased self-confidence & self-esteem
•  Increased patience
•  The ability to set,work for and achieve goals
•  The instilling of physical fitness training habits that last a lifetime
•  Increased strength, agility, co-ordination, speed and balance
•  The ability to follow their own path and deal with peer pressure; to be a leader and not a follower
•  Real self-defense skills that will allow them to stay safe
•  The confidence and skills to deal with bullies

Kids Kickboxing Ages 7 - 14
Classes are Monday & Thursday's 16h30 to 17h30
The duration of the classes are 1 hour.

12 Month Contract
R300 Registration fee

R350 per month for Twice a week
R400 per month for Three times a week
R450 per month for Four times a week

Concession Classes
R550-00 for 10 x Concession Classes

Our classes are a great way for children to develop the great habit of staying fit. Excersizes includes warm-up including running, jumping jacks, jump rope, stretches. Watch your child’s endurance, strength, co-ordination and confidence grow. 

Martial Arts Stops Bullying and Obesity

Two of the biggest problems facing kids today is obesity and bullying. Martial Arts can be the answer to both of these problems. Your kids will get the physical fitness they need as well as the knowledge and confidence to deal with bullying.

Students will learn the building blocks of Martial Arts. Kids in this class will develop a variety of martial art skills, while gaining agility, discipline, mental focus and have fun. We provide the environment to be challenged and to grow healthy self-esteem.  Our kids program helps create habits of success that lead to the personal victories that build healthy strong children.

At SHIDO we promote fitness and interaction in a way that is challenging and fun.  Kids learn the FUNdamentals of Kickboxing while getting the benefits of a challenging and safe workout.

When it comes to our curriculum for children, safety is always our highest priority. All of our classes are run in a safe training environment and are designed to be extremely fun and exciting from start to finish.
Kids Kickboxing Gallery

Kids Kickboxing Gallery
Kids Kickboxing Students in action.