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Private classes are one on one classes where you book one of our coaches and we build the class structure around what you would like to
achieve. Privates can also be for a small group, for example 2 or 3 people. The nice thing about the private classes are that you get a lot more
attention and the class is focused on your specific goals, which increases the rate of your own improvement and gives you faster results.

To book a private class contact us with which days and time slots will suit you best, and we will then assign one of the available coaches to
you.  You will then be contacted to discuss further details.

If you have a busy schedule, private lessons are the way to go!
Whatever your goal may be; to learn a combat sport, to lose weight and get fit or just to have a great workout.
When you are training one-on-one you will receive immediate feedback regarding your technical execution. It’s nice to have someone who
cares about you, motivates you, and is your Coach. It’s great to have someone pat you on the back and look out for your self-improvement,
fitness and health.

Private lessons are perfect for anyone, including complete novices, advanced students, current students looking to learn faster or tighten up
their game, students getting ready for fights and/or competitions, people who work odd hours and/or have busy schedules, friends who want
to train alone, or whatever the case may be because they are truly no limits to who can benefit from private lessons.

For current students or beginners who wish to take their training to a whole new level, this is for you!

Private lessons are one-on-one, personalized classes, that accelerate your learning and progress at unbelievable rates of speed. It has been
proven that people learn faster and better with private lessons.

People of all ages, body types, and levels of fitness can benefit from private classes.  By taking private lessons, not only will you learn at a
faster rate, you will also get fit, toned, strong, flexible and burn fat.


•  Get faster results

•  One-on-one instruction

•  Flexible schedule

•  Ensures that all of your needs are met, and addressed, in a thorough manner

•  Improve in all areas of your game and fitness

•  Possible quicker advancement through the grading system

•  Increase your flexibility, agility and strength

•  Improve your stamina and speed

•  Prepare for an upcoming fight

•  Develop new levels of self-confidence, self-discipline, and much more!

So book your private lessons today and take the next step toward realizing your goals!