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StreetCOMBAT is a self defense class which focuses on real life scenarios and practical self defense. Head Instructor, Morné Lotter has got
experience with dealing with these situations and has also trained the SANDF and Hawks in Hand to Hand Combat.
The idea of the StreetCOMBAT class is to give everyone the tools to defend themselves should they end up in such a situation.  We do
recommend that each StreetCOMBAT student attend the Kickboxing classes too. You need to understand the basics of fighting in order to
benefit the most from the StreetCOMBAT classes.

The whole point of self defense classes is to prepare you for any situation that may bring harm to you. Physical conditioning is extremely
important when it comes to self defense. Training and practicing prepares you for the adrenaline dump when a situation arises that may
require you to fight. When someone comes after you, you will experience what is called an adrenaline dump. It’s your body’s way of
responding to the fight or flight situation. It only lasts a few seconds, so you need to be physically conditioned to appropriately deal with a
dangerous situation. If you aren’t, your body will not work as well as you need it to after the adrenalin dump . Physical conditioning will work
on your reflexes and your awareness of an attack. When you are fighting it is important to be focused both mentally and physically. If you are
prepared, you will be more successful in a dangerous situation and the dump won’t take all your energy from you.

Self defense classes will make you more aware of your surroundings. You’re never planning to be attacked, but your attacker is the one with
the plan. Self defense classes will help you to be aware at all times and ready, should this type of situation arise. You might be shocked for a
second, but you will have the necessary reactions to protect yourself.

In a fight, movement is power. You can’t stand around and wait for your attacker’s next strike, you have to move! Self defense classes will
help develop your reflexes and you will gain a fighter’s reflex. A fighter’s reflex is different from your normal reflexes. In normal situations you
respond to something that happens. When you are being attacked it is better to know how to respond. Fighter’s reflex will allow you to move
quickly and smartly in the situation. You will know where to step and where to throw your punch. You will be prepared.

In these classes we will focus on various self defense scenarios and situations, ranging from unarmed combat, to dealing with weapons, using
weapons effectively, ground fighting, clinch fighting, threat management, defusing situations with minimal violence etc.

STREET COMBAT is for everyone 14 years and older, this will give you a solid foundation in self defense and give you the confidence to protect
yourself and those around you. The StreetCOMBAT classes are realistic and practical, this also means that the training we do is realistic, in
order to function in a real situation you need to train as if the training exercises are the real thing.

We at SHIDO train by the words of Miyamoto Musashi - "You can only fight the way you practice"

In all of our Martial Art classes we train realistically and we utilize "live" training where ever we can, to make each drill as realistic as possible.
We have had many testimonials of our students that were able to deal with situations outside the gym with relative ease, keeping
themselves and the people around them safe during those situations.

Many people assume self-defense is only about learning how to fight. Although learning how to get away from an attacker may be a part of
the class, self defense classes also focus on how to use your head and your instincts to get yourself as far away from danger as possible.

Taking a self defense class is a great way to learn how to improve your ability to protect yourself in a worst-case scenario. Although you
obviously don't want to be looking for a fight, having the skills to defend yourself when in danger can be a positive boost to your self-

Doing self defense techniques teaches you to take control of your body, your mind and the situation.  Though knowing self defense will come
in handy in dangerous situations, it also teaches you skills that can be useful in many everyday scenarios.  The ability to take control of your
body and your mind is an incredibly valuable tool to have. You may not be able to control the world around you, but you can prepare yourself
for it as best you can and keep your wits about you even in stressful situations.  Empowering yourself through doing self defense classes can
help you feel empowered in other areas of your life, and that's an unbelievably valuable ability!

Of course, most people know that having the knowledge on how to fight or being better capable of defending yourself, and those are good
reasons to enroll in a self defense class.  However taking a self defense course will also offer advantages in emotional, physical, and mental

Martial Arts and self defense instruction gives you the tools and skills you need to confidently assess a dangerous situation and navigate
effectively.  There is nothing more empowering than that.  Students gain confidence and control over some of their fears out in the world.

Self defense students learn how to focus during stressful situations. They can assess dangers before they arise and learn how better to take
inventory of their environment on all occasions.

Those who simply want to learn self defense can learn basic moves and more intricate skills to defend themselves in the event of an attack.

Self defense and Martial Art training are excellent exercise programs. They offer a fun and powerful way to train the body, burn calories, and
improve physical health.

For those who are already athletes of any discipline, updating courses and taking different martial arts disciplines add to your overall training
and offer excellent benefits.

Actually going to class and showing up on a regular basis develops discipline. Taking these types of classes will get you focused on your
personal protection and on your surroundings.  Like with any other sport, you can’t get better if you don’t practice.

Self defense classes help you to set goals. Whether you want to nail a specific move, or work hard to feel like you can protect yourself, you
are setting a goal. It gets you back in class each week, and will help you in your everyday life. It helps you develop a drive that you may not
have had before. If you take your goal setting seriously within your self defense classes, it can roll over into your everyday life, helping you
get through any tough situation that comes your way.

Unlike a lot of things in life, taking self defense classes will always have a positive impact on your life. Each and every one of the reasons
above are proof of this. Taking self defense classes can boost your spirits and make you a more confident and better version of yourself.

It’s important to have things in life that we can rely on to make us happy - taking these kinds of classes does just that.