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Our coaches' need to excel is only
surpassed by their desire to help
others develop physically and
mentally.  Motivators by nature that
embrace the challenge of bringing
out the best in others.

Fusing science of the body with a
common sense approach to exercise,
yields extraordinary results. 

Let SHIDO help you step beyond
what you thought was possible!
StreetFIT is a functional fitness class where the goal is to get you as fit as possible and also to develop your athletic skills in all areas. Our
training is high intensity and we focus on developing all the body’s energy systems equally, to get you as fit as possible. Our workouts and
development segments usually have a beginner, intermediate, advanced and elite section, where you can choose which variation you would
like to do, depending on your skill, strength or fitness level. You will use your own bodyweight with the majority of the Streetfit exercises, but
we do use various resistance exercises and Kettlebells too in our workouts.
Our Streetfit classes are divided into the following segments:

Warming up all the specific muscles that will be used during the class

Preparing the joints, ligaments, muscles etc. for the exercises and movements that will be targeted during class

Focusing on developing different areas of athletic attributes, the development section will vary between the following areas; Strength,
Plyometrics, Balance, Coordination, Agility and Skill development. The object here is to get the individual to be better at certain movements and
exercises, in order to move from beginner exercises to intermediate and ultimately advanced and elite exercises. This segment will also have a
very positive effect on other sports; the development segment improve things such as hand-eye coordination and reaction time as well.

Each workout differs from day to day, for example the workouts range from cardiovascular, muscle endurance, strength, mixed workouts etc.
All the body’s energy systems will be developed during these workouts, to create an all-rounded fit individual

This part of the class is focused on getting the heart rate back down, utilizing stretching and various other cool down methods

What you will need for Streetfit is the following:
· Comfortable training clothes
· Running Shoes
· Jumping Rope
· Sweat Towel
· Water Bottle